Do you know what hula hoop is? Hula hoop is toy hoop that is twirled around the waist, limbs or neck. I knew this thing since I was child and I just know that it is children toy. But, in fact, I think that adult play with it too. Why? Because my housemate has this hula hoop thing and everyone who comes to my house play with it. They always get excited and play it so many times. I think not all people can use and play it because me, myself can't use it at the first time. But, because I saw most of my friends can play it, I feel that I have to try it. hahahaha... The other reason is because I believe that my waist can be thinner if I play with it often.

Look at them!

1st pic: Look at her stomach! Flat! What a body! I hope I can be like that someday :p
2nd pic: Isn't that awesome? Look at how many hula hoops are in her body and look at her body shape. NAISSS!!! : )

Wait! I played it just now and I made a progress. I can do it already. hoho.. Next time, if my friends come to my house, I won't be shy to play with it anymore. hihi...
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