When your mom likes someone to be with you, everything is changed. Life is easier if it's related to that person. You will feel strange and weird because of those unusual actions from your mom. I experience it right now... I feel like she is not my mother. hahahaha... The old rules that always follow me since I was child are not applicable if it's related to that person. I kind of surprised. Usually, I won't be allowed to go out until night or midnight but then my mom said to me, "If only he comes here and you want to go with him, you can go whenever and wherever you like. I will surely ask you to go with him if you don't."
Whaaaaatttttt?! How come?

Even it doesn't happen now, she imagines and expects it to be happened. The results? I am so confused. I don't even ever imagine I will be with him. And recently, it's not my mother who said those strange statements or questions or advice. My friends both in Indo and Melbourne said and asked about that as well. What is actually happening to them?
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