Well, I am going back to Melbourne tonight... Excited? Of course.
I feel like I left Melbourne for long time already and finally I will be back soon.
But, one thing that is unusual,
I feel strange, I feel that something will happen...
And I guess it's bad thing, if not then I won't worry so much like now.
Moreover, my mother said the same. She said that this time her feeling is unusual. She said that her feeling this time is messy. Mix of confused, afraid, sad.
And this is my first flight by Garuda Indonesia, usually I always go by Singapore Airlines.. is it the reason?
Because GA is not really safely-known.
I hope it's only suggestion. I hope everything will be alright until I reach Melbourne tomorrow.
And I do hope that my mother's bad feeling is just because she worries about my uncertainty of living in Melbourne because of the Permanent Residency thing and my unemployment. I do hope...

Dear God, please please bless my flights tonight and make sure that everything is safe. Amin.

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  1. oneeye Says:

    worry too much. i hope you'll arrive in melbourne safely. then you can eat more food, ehehehe