Feel like haven't been writing for a long time. Well, my life lately is quite boring. I basically just do nothing everyday. My interview went well, I guess. I am going to have another interview next week around Wednesday. This time, the interview will be with the head of manager. Hmmm.... Make me nervous. I guess I have to prepare for it because this is the last interview before the decision made and the interviewer last time said the head of manager is really a technical person so I better prepare my knowledge about SQL, HTML, .NET, etc because he may ask about it. Oh noooo!

The other thing happened was me and my friends had a small discussion last time in my house and they told me that I am too independent as a girl. Am I? Maybe! But, I thought it's good to be independent. My friends said it is good to be independent but try to reduce it now because it makes me looked so though and guys don't have a passion to protect or help me or even to look at me as a girl. Honestly, it is quite shocking for me. 

I asked about it to another friend ( a guy) and he said, "Independent? Yeah, I think so but inside you are still a girl. If they know you deeply, you are purely a girl. I mean mentally, physically.. of course you're a girl." That made me happy at first but then he said again, "Well, when I saw you at the first time, you're really mysterious and I want to know you more. But, after I know you and very close to you... that's it! Stop right there. I feel it's OK! This is enough, I know her already." It's like what my best friends said to me as well. They said that I can care and close to some people but just as friends or best friends. No more! Just friends! Arghhhhhh!!!! Why is it so hard to be a woman? hahahaha.... I think I have to do introspection and behave differently to be more girly, don't I?
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