Firstly, there are many things happening that I appreciate and thankful for. I got shocking happy news from best-friends. Unfortunately, I can't tell what the news is... but I am really happy for you, even it was really unpredictable and shocking. hahahaha.... I am happy if you are happy. Anw, that's the first thing... Another thing, I got a job. Yesterday evening, my recruiter called me and he said:

Him: "Hi Marcia, this is Michael. How're you going?"
Me: "Hi Michael. I'm good. How r u?"
Him: "Very well, thanks. Can you talk at the moment?"
Me: "Yes, sure."
Him: "Great. Are you sitting down?"
Me: *oh no, it must be bad news "Yes. Hahaha..."
Him: "Congratulations! You are accepted in bla bla bla bla..."
Me: "Ahhh.... *silent... Really? Wow... Thank you very much."

Okay, I know I should be excited because I got a job. hahahaha... In fact, when I heard of it, I felt empty. I felt there was no passion inside my body and my brain. WHY OH WHY? I don't know as well. Maybe it just hasn't come out yet. Maybe it just because I had't yet got the challenge so I feel nothing. I hope so.. so when I start the work I will be excited. 

However, I am so grateful and praise to God so many times. I know it's just a month, hmmm... ok two months from the day I graduated and I got a job already. I realize that the job is not really prestige and high-paid but I know this is the best for me now as I just graduated and I don't have any experience related to my field so I believe that this is a really good opportunity for me to start my career. When I told my mother this happy news, she's so happy and when I told my feeling, she can understand. She said, "You will get excited once you go to your first day work."

Yes, I am so lucky and I am really thankful for that. I will start my work next week and I promise that I will work well, truly and responsibly. I won't waste this golden opportunity and make my parents proud of me. Wish me luck!

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  1. oneeye Says:

    congratz and hopefully the job suits you, so you won't feel bored at work.