Hi again...
Lately, I have been busy with many things from job interview to personal things.

Yeah, I got some interviews, both part time and full time jobs. But, until now, I haven't 100% got a job. How sad! Well, I just think the positive side that my resume is not that bad. hehehe... I really hope that I can get a job soon. Doing nothing everyday is like a disaster. You don't know what you should do, you don't even have something to do. Arghhhh!

My interview itself went fine, I guess. Basically, I got two official interviews for full time jobs in IT field, but until now there hasn't been any decision. The other two are for part time jobs, it's in Starbucks and Gloria Jeans and... I haven't heard anything as well about the results. Grrrrr! I really hate uncertainty. Other activities? I went to watch Ghost Writer yesterday, gave birthday surprise to my house-mate, went to have dim sum this morning, and the rest was just spent my time with my friends. What a life, huh?! OK! I'll stop complaining. I will be patient waiting for any decision from them. By the way, I got something from my friend, Maria. It's not a thing, it's a quote... but I'm not sure where did she heard it from. However, I really like the quote because it does really make sense.

"Success is like being pregnant. Everybody congratulates you, but nobody knows how many times you've been fucked."
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