Hi again...
I am officially starting my first full-time job.

My first day was yesterday. Well, it's not too bad. I was introduced to all people in the company, especially the one in the IT field. The company is divided into different levels. The IT and support division which include helpdesk analyst, support analyst, developer, desktop support, technician and database support are in level 17. Level 18 is the main office which include receptionist, meeting room, account executives and many others who deal with the clients directly. As far as I know, there is one more office which is in level 22 and this is the human resources team. Quite good, huh?

So, basically yesterday, I went through all of them, introduced myself to other people, set up my account and password and had some training. Ohhh... btw, I am still on training until 7th October. The company is related to finance which I am not familiar with. Yesterday, when I read, learnt and tried to understand some papers related to the company and my job... there are some alien words written there, such as options, trades, future, trade analysis, depth, watchlists, warranty, etc etc. My God! I said to myself, "Okay.. I think I need to start studying finance ASAP!" That time, I was thinking of my friend who could teach me finance. hahahaha....

Today is much better. I start to understand some finance terms and it's actually not that bad. hehehe.... Besides, today, I am more familiar with the people and the environment and I realize that it's so good. I said this because yesterday I didn't have passion for it. I felt that this is not right for me, this is not what I want, I want more and I am not satisfied with it. After I thought about it last night, I know that of course I won't be satisfied easily with this role. My role is the basic basic role in IT field. hahahaha... So, I promise to myself I will work hard and be responsible so I can be promoted or at least get higher position. In fact, I know that I can't be what I want straight away without any IT experience. So, I know this is the best for me now.

The worst part was I got headache yesterday. I guessed it was because I didn't have proper breakfast and lunch so when the clock showed 4.00pm, I was dizzy and sleepy... VERY! Moreover, I did a lot of reading  and a mini test yesterday so my eyes and my brain were tired as well. When the clock showed 5.00, my manager said to me:

Manager: "How're you going? Tired? I know, it will be hard for the first time. There will be a lot of reading when you are on training. But, you will get used to it, right Van?" (Van is my colleague)
Van: "Yes, the first 3 weeks... HEADACHE! Hahahaha..."
Me: (Only in my thought) I got headache already now, no need to wait until 3 weeks. *sighh

Luckily, today is much better, interesting and easier. I also had some conversations with some colleagues this evening. One of the conversation:
M: "How old are you?"
Me: "I am turning 21 next month"
M: "Whattt?? You're so young."
Me: "Am I?"
M: "Yes! I wish I am still 21. Hey Cathy, Marcia is still 20 years old."
Me: "No, I'm turning 21 soon."
C: "Reallyy?! Wow! You're so young. I wish I am still 21 as well."
M and C: "Ahhh, you're a baby."
Me: ....

I think I am going to love my current job. Ciaoooo.... ^^
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  1. oneeye Says:

    well, if you feel bored someday, just think that you need to get experience from that company at least 2 years to be appreciated by other company. it's about using and being used. you're using the company to get experience and the company is using your manpower, or womanpower in your case. well have fun at work.