Well, lately... everything happens so fast especially this week. I sent one of my best friends to China yesterday. We had his graduation and farewell party last Friday with others as well and we had small gathering on Sunday. Yesterday was the time for him to go to China. I went to airport with other friends to send him and I felt that airport always gives sad and mellow feeling. Honestly, the first time I heard that he will go to China for 2 years was not really shocking. But, yesterday, when we sent him, I felt sad and I am sure that others felt the same. I have known him for 4 years and we go out often with others. I am sure that 4 years is long enough to feel loss, especially if he/she is your best friend. I really hate farewell. In fact, he is my first best friend that go back for good. Okay, not really for good.. just for 2 years.

I just hope that he will succeed in China and when he go back here in 2 years, he'll be back with pride :)
My wish and pray is always with you, mate! Good luck!
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