Yeayyy.... I am back on blogger.
I had my graduation ceremony. Finally... I have been waiting for this. hehehehe....
It was fun and tiring because I was working in the next day and the ceremony just started at 8pm - 10pm. You can guess that after the ceremony, me, my family and one of my friends went for dinner. hahaha.... So late!

My parents were here for 6days therefore I don't have any time to blog. I went to some places on weekend and still work on weekdays. Besides, now I don't really have time to blog in work place. Now, I know my colleagues' feeling. Why are they so stressed and depressed. But, so far... it's fine. I still can handle it, in fact sometimes we receive really interesting and funny call from some clients :)

Not much update though.... Just see the pics below ;p

It was really really one of the best days in my life.
Big thanks to my parents and all of my friends that came for me and for the presents as well. So happy! >.<

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