Here I am doing nothing again in the office. Tomorrow is my last day for training. Once I start dealing with client, I guess I won't be able to blog in the office again ;p

Well, I can say that today is really a boring day. There is only few things for me to do. I just went through a short-time training about html and webIRESS, some of the company's products. Moreover, I just went through a mini test about it and I went to database training which is kind of useless because the trainer told me the same information as before.Now, I finished my test already, even though I don't know whether the answers are correct or not. My manager just told me that she can't go through the answers today because she's so busy and one of my colleagues is not coming to work. So, she asked me to play around with the products by myself which means I will do facebook-ing, twitter-ing, blogging until I bored. hahahahaha... It's not because I don't want to play around with the products, it is just too bored. I think everything will start after I deal with the client directly. At the moment, I just learn, learn and learn theories. You can imagine how bored it is!

Sometimes, I feel guilty as well if I do many useless things because I look at my colleagues, they are all so busy and stressed. I predict that I will be one of them within 1 or 2 weeks. By the way, there were some funny things happened this afternoon. One of my colleagues, Cathy went to lunch break and when she came back, she showed us that she bought 2 pairs of earring. She said, "I am so stress. I need to go shopping to relax myself a bit." Hahahahaha... Well, I almost answer her, even though I am not stress I will always go shopping. Too bad!

Another funny thing happened is one of my colleagues, Marie received a call from a client. The client asked about something and Marie asked for his name. I guess he was going to spell his name and he said, "It's A for You, ... and *silent." Marie couldn't help to not to laugh and then she said, "Was it Y for You?" and the client said yes. After she hung up the phone, she told us what happened and she said, "I clearly heard and remembered that he said A for You not Y for You. Hahahaha... " Stupid but funny!

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