I am in the office right now, doing nothing.
It's still my lunch break time but I finished eating already and I can't help to blog. hahahaha...

Lately, last weekend, some things happened. Well, they were not all good, but it wasn't really bad as well. Personally, whatever happens, whether good or bad, I will always love October. hehehehe.... Especially this year, I'm going to have my graduation ceremony soon. October is also my month because it's my birthday month. Moreover, I'm officially having my full-time job. This makes me loving October more. I don't know why too, but I always get excited if October comes. hmmmm....

This year, this month, I believe that something good will happen. I hope and I wish all of my wishes come true.
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2 Responses
  1. wah udah kerja ya ya cia! congrats ya! kerja dimanaa? :))

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    thank you je :)
    di IRESS. hehehehe.. dak tahu mesti? ;p