I am not in a good mood now. REALLY!

I supposed to meet with 2 of my friends for brunch this afternoon at 12pm in city.
However, as usual, they couldn't wake up on time and the meeting is postponed to 2pm (which I am still not sure it will be exactly at 2pm or not).

Well, one of them, I have known her for several years already and I truly understand that she is not an on-time person. She is always late every time I have appointment with her and recently, I don't bother about it anymore. I am the one who always give way to her to arrange the schedule because I know that even I am the one who plan everything, it will be messed up in the end cos she is late.

So, I always ask her to decide what time we will meet (still, she will be late).
Today, I plan to meet her and another friend which I just go out with her lately and I still don't know her personality well enough. Today, it turns out that she is not an on-time person too.

The thing is yesterday I asked them to pick the time to meet as I know they will be late.
They said 12pm in city is OK and fine with them.
I tried to convince them again if they are able to wake up or not and they said yes 100% fine.
I didn't even set my alarm today and I woke up at 10.20am yet didn't hear any news from them.
So, at 11am I text one of them, told her to tell me if she is otw to city already.
Guess what she replied me? "Cia, I just woke up, can we make it 2pm?"


I called my other friend who I have known for a long time and no answer. GREAT!
I bbm her saying that it will be postponed to 2pm, still no reply until now.
I guess she hasn't awake yet until now.

Actually, I don't mind to make it at 2pm.
But, it's not only them who have life. Okay, it means I do mind.
I have life, I have my own plan, I have my other businesses.
If I plan my schedules already for a day and one of them is postponed because of stupid reason, I need to postpone and re-schedule all of them.
And just now, suddenly, another friend asked me whether I am going to help his house-mate to move house this evening or not. And I realized that his house-mate is actually asked me to help him few days ago.
I still have church and his schedule to move out is at 4.30 pm.


My original schedule for today is:
12.00: meet them - brunch
13.30: church
14.30: go to Thai fest in Fed Square - cafe or just hang around city
16.30: go home and help my friend moving house

For God's sake, can't they be on time just once?!
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