As I can't have more entertainment for myself and because I love reading, I always bring novels from Indo.
Well, I understand that I need to read in English books as well.
I did... some times... hehehe...

So, I am going to get these books below from Indo. I do even look for each book's review in order to decide to buy it or not.

I Ordered My Wife From Universe - Stanley Dirgapradja

The Wedding Games - Fanny Hartanti

Crash Into You - Aliazalea

Alpha Wife - Ollie

 Grey Sunflower

Love in Rainy Days (I read some reviews for this book and sound really interesting)

Being 20 something is hard - Dewi Prawitasari

However, I need to wait for someone who is going to Melbourne so I can ask him/her/them to help me to bring it from Indo :(

Well, being patient is good. 
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