It is booked!
I am going to cut my hair tomorrow *finger crossed
I did only cut my hair once in Melbourne (Seri) before app. 3 years ago.
I usually cut my hair in Indo as I don't really trust them here besides it is so expensive having hair-cut in Melbourne.

But, finally, I will give a try tomorrow After almost 1 year haven't cut my hair.
I also want to make it shorter so I can keep it for longer time while saving money as well.
Even cutting your hair is for fashion and appearance purposes, I still feel hmmm... (eman-eman) spending a lot of money for haircut.

Don't ask first where am I going to have a haircut tomorrow or how much is it.
I am not sure how much it's gonna be so let see.
Anw, I booked it at 3pm. Oh, forgot to say, I am taking my day in lieu tomorrow so I won't be in the office.
So excited! I am so gonna enjoy my day-off!
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  1. oneeye Says:

    1 year without cutting hair, women are lucky. i can't stand long hair, so i have to cut every 4-5 months