My New Look? Lol!

Anw, what do you guys think?

I cut my hair in Rokk Ebony South Yarra which is freaking expensive for a haircut. 
But, anw, after 1 year... I guess it's fine.
The hair dresser is the Style Director as they have different type of hairdressers and of course different price.
One of my friend told me that I should go with at least the second best position instead of the junior one.
So, yeah... I chose him.
His name is John and he is really nice.
Additionally, it turns out that he has skills and good enough to cut my hair. LOL!

Regret? Nope!
I am kinda like it. 
I feel fresh and... cold. hahahaha...
Right after I cut my hair and stepped out from the salon with the windy weather, the wind swept me straight away. Brrrrr!
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3 Responses
  1. phanie Says:

    waa lucuu..
    ky bukan org indo.. :D

  2. oneeye Says:

    dia potongnya belakang pendek terus sampingnya dipanjangin dikit yah?

  3. Marcia Agata Says:

    iya. ak minta nya gt. short in the back long in front. hehehe