"Marcia, is that you? You looked different today..."

That was the first sentence that some of my colleagues said to me this morning.
Not "Hey Marcia, good morning" not "How are you today?"

Well, if you heard something like that, you will be embarrassed or happy cos it usually means good.
But, today, in my case, I don't think it means a compliment.
In fact, I think it means 'you didn't look appealing' but they said it in proper and polite way. *sighhh
That was what people in my department (only!) said to me.
The thing is I went to the kitchen after that to make some breakfast, then I met this guy in the kitchen.
He was from other department and I wasn't even too close with him.
And guess what he said to me.
Okay, he still said how are you bla bla bla, but after that he said...
"Is that you Marcia? You looked... different."

Damn! First thing that I did after I finished making breakfast and stopped having conversation with him was running to the toilet and looked at myself.

Am I really that horrible?
And I realized that I am that horrible today.
I didn't have enough sleep in the past 2 days.
I just finished my period yesterday which made me not fit enough.
And I had this dinner with a friend yesterday so the plan that I would be at home earlier and stayed relax was cancelled.
Even I got home not really late, I couldn't sleep until 12 and ended up woke up late this morning so sleepy.
So, I didn't have a chance to wash my hair and it was really really truly a bad hair day!
Therefore, I decided to tie my hair so it won't be too obvious if I hadn't washed my hair.

But, I guess I was wrong.
It turned out the other way around.
It made my hair worse as it was limp and really messy.
And you know what? I didn't put any make up as well today (well, I usually only use powder and eye-liner which now I realize it brings a lot of differences to your appearance).
Then, I met my friend on lunch. Note: unplanned!
When I waited for her, she passed me by until I called her name and she looked at me for one second from the top of my hair down to my toe and... "Cia, what happen with you?" *with shocked face

Damn... again!
The worst part was why when I didn't put any make up and didn't care how I looked like, I met these guys in my office's food court which I could say that they are not bad, with the neat and perfect suits/shirts, pants, ties and good-looking face.

Just remind myself from now on to wash my hair and (at least) to look OK every time I step out of my apartment.
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