My manager is going to Indo tomorrow and she said she may go somewhere else such as Hong Kong and Singapore with her mom to shop. How nice is that?
Some colleagues of mine are also going to Vietnam and Thailand at the moment.
Another one is planning to go to Philippines and Hong Kong on September.

Damn! I want to go overseas too.
I am desperately want to skip this daily routines and have fun with friends.
I particularly want to go to Thailand, Japan and Korea.
Well, Europe as well... who does not want to go to Europe for holiday?
So, if someone is asking me now what I want the most... I am able to proceed my PR completely so it can be processed and me getting it soon so I can fly out from Melbourne and do whatever I want.

It does't mean that I want to run away from working life.
It does't mean that I will not come back to Melbourne and look for job again.
I just feel I want to enjoy this world and my free time first.
I want to see the world.
One of my friends said to me that I can work very hard first now and enjoy the good parts later when I grow up.
Well, that is true. I am not saying that I disagree with her.
However, everything will not be the same as you grow up older.
You won't be as fit as you are now and you won't be as free as you are now.

The fact that I'm getting bored with what I am doing right now is making me crazy.
All of my friends do come back to Melbourne already, but unfortunately it doesn't change anything.
So, now, I am thinking that it's not because of their absence I felt lonely recently.
And, maybe... hard to confess, but it's because of I don't have any special one to share my life with.
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