I am going to Singapore in 2 days.
I hope Zara has updated their Singapore stocks as I didn't see any of these in Australia stores.

Anyway, will be in Singapore for 9 days with boyfriend (sadly he'll be there for a week only) and need to take care some of my father's business plan for one day (only.. ups!). So, there is no doubt that we'll go shop... Yeayness!

Hopefully I can find what I want there... as Zara is cheaper in Singapore, even though not much difference and only for some goods, but still... 1 cent is money.

Anw, I am after a pair of mid-heel sandals but guess need to try and see how it looks first... as my experience, every time I like Zara's shoes or sandals, by the time I tried it.... gone! I think twice to buy it.
Then, move to clutch. Well, apparently paper-bag looked alike clutch is a trend now.
Zara has it as well, called Basic Messenger Bag for EUR 19.95.

What color should I get? The red one is lovely, but I haven't had any sea green color bag. Or should I just go with the basic brown one? (doesn't look appealing tho)

I know, it looks like Celine's clutch or I can say Chloe too?
Well, not sure who copied who but Zara one is the cheapest one and we all know Zara one is not original leather. But consider for daily routine? Why not?!

Let see how it goes then :)
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