Girls and women always worry about their hair. Ok! Most of them... not all.
Some of them like their hair to bump, some like to stay flat. hahaha...
So, there is a new trend now, called bump-it.
The function? Like the name  is to bump your hair.
So for you girls who have flat hair, don't worry now! Use it!
It's simple and easy.

I bought 1 as well. hihihi... ;p
Because I really want to do hair up-do like my friends usually do, but I'm not really good on it or I haven't practiced a lot?! So, maybe this bump-it thing can help me. hahaha..
It can be used in weekday (casual way), when you go to party or even in your wedding ;p
And as usual, if something is just-in, there will be a lot of companies produce it. So you can guess that there are some brands of hair bump product in the market. The brand of mine is himegyaru. I think it's from Japan. And I found another brand called 'Bumpits!'. Not like himegyaru, I guess bumpits! are made in USA, or something near there. Western country for sure. haha...
Click here to visit the 'Bumpits!' page. Hmmm... now I become their sales. hohoho..

And this is mine :
*bought from hairshop

Usually, one packet contains of 5 pcs which are 1 big size, 2 medium size and 2 small size. Mine got free bobbypins as well. Love it! I bought it online in Indo because it's so cheap compared with the bump-it one. Just in case I need it later, I won't bother to but it in Melbourne with of course...higher price. Then, I got the packet today. So excited! I try to use it and.. Hmmmm... I did and I can, but because I just cut my hair so it's not really good coz it's too short. Hix.. Now, I really regret of cutting my hair again :(
I can't do many things with my hair now. Have to wait until it grows longer.
Can't wait for it! *wink wink

You can watch this video to find how to use it :
the girl is so pretty. hahaha...

or click this link because I can't embed the video,

Good luck! ^_^
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