My order just came today... Yayyyy!!!

I ordered 2 pair of shoes few weeks ago in online shop. They can make shoes based on what you want. You can specify the model, the colour, the material, the heels, etc. Actually, Maria, my friend told me about a shop last time when I was still in Melbourne. The shop is called Mooie Shop, they make shoes made by order. But, I don't really trust them because I tried to look for some feedback in their profile and I found nothing. So, I tried to find other stores and I found it.

Here are the shoes I ordered :

Wait! Don't judge the shoes from its pictures. hahahahaha..

When she (the owner of the shop) uploaded those pictures to facebook so I can see it... I said to myself "it's not like my expectation". Because, the gray one, I thought the heel will be higher. I requested for 5cm so I guessed it's high enough but I'm wrong. The black one, I asked her to make it with the comfortable material because I don't have any idea about shoes material. I jut know leather, but that will hurt my foot in that model. And they made it by something similar with suede but thicker. I forgot what it is called. So, I expect it will not look elegant anymore. Moreover, the model is not looked clear in the picture.

But.. when it comes today. They are good. hehehehe... Me likey likey very much!!
The gray one is not that bad, because I'm the one who requested for 5cm heels so I can use it in uni and hang-out. And it looks good in my foot. wakakakak... SO PD!

The black one is good too. After I wear it, and look it through the mirror to make it clear... it's perfect. And she really made it with the comfortable material. It feels so soft and it's not hurt like my other usually new shoes. The heels are perfect too, 8cm. wakakakak... Make me look taller ;p
Feel want to make another shoes with her, but unfortunately I can't. I have to go back to Melbourne so I don't have much time to wait for Pre-Order anymore. huhuhu.. so sad! But, it's lucky.. if not I will spend more money. hahaha...

Oohh... btw, if you want to order shoes with her, you can find her in facebook. Her nick is Zyan Natalie. Also, the price is OK! Not really expensive for shoes category. I'm so happy now! I have shoe to wear for Chinese New Year because I didn't have any shoe to wear before when I went to wedding party :)
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3 Responses
  1. oneeye Says:

    lovely shoes by the look of them. glad you got what you wanted. hope to see you in those.

  2. jengphanie Says:

    buseeddd,, 8cm..
    can't wait to see you wearing those..
    haaaha :D

  3. Marcia Agata Says:

    @oneeye: thanks :)
    @fani: tonight! hohohoho... ;p