OMG! What the hell happened?

I read some books lately,
4 books to be exact.
I watched a movie as well,
and all of them...
the topic is about friendship that becomes a relationship.

Is it a trend now?

The movie title is Postgraduate - Alexid Bledel. 

After I read the summary, I guessed the story will about a girl who was struggling looking for job and trying to arrange her life after graduated. Doesn't sound like romance between 2 friends, does it?
And the story was like my expectation in the beginning. I want to watch that because the situation is similar with me.. not really actually, but soon will be. She graduated, want to get a good job in her major and she get a really good interview. But, everything is messed when she doesn't get employed. After trying so hard to find another job, she is clueless and that time the company called her back to ask her to work there. So, she gets in! 
Wait, it's not finished yet! The ending is really really unexpected and unbelieveable.

I don't want to be a spoiler. One thing, it is about friendship and relationship... and life... that sometimes your choice is doesn't make sense but seems so right for you.
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