I am CRAVING for PUTU!!!!

For you who don't know what putu is..
It's a kind of cake, Indonesian traditional cake actually.
It's made by rice flour and filled by palm sugar and strewed by grated coconut and it is steamed.

Here are some of the pictures:

It's usually sold in Java island.. and don't try to find the pure (original) one in shop. They won't be there. The original one and the best taste one is sold along the way. Usually the seller is man, they will go to several places by walking and pushing carts. People will know if there is a putu seller around by listening to the sound. Putu seller usually signed by a sound like 'nguinggggg'. It comes from the steaming equipment. hahaha... Don't what it is called specifically. You will know when you meet them ;p

I really love it. The last time I ate putu is like almost 5-7 years ago. Can't even remember. huhuhu...
I love especially the one with a lot of palm sugar inside. hohoho..
So it will taste sweet, warm and yummy.
Oh noooo!!! I'm hungry now.
And.. just now, I heard it. The sound of 'nguinngggg' outside my house.
I tried to find it, I went outside straight away but there was nothing.
Just the sound left and gone after time T-T
Ooohhh... my putu cake!
I will definitely buy it when I hear the sound again.
I have to eat it before going back to Melbourne. hahaha...

So, you guys have to try it if you haven't. It is so gooooooodddddd!!!
And eat it when it is still warm... will be so delicious. haha...
If you like kind of traditional cake, there are many kinds in Java.
In my city, putu, serabi and leker are very popular.
Enjoy guys! Hope you like it :)
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