I bumped a door!
uuuhhhh.... Don't have to explain the reason lah, but for sure not my fault.
Kind of faint.. but so strange.. and don't as well how can that happened.

As a result?
Benjol deh! huhuhu... When I saw myself after that, I feel like I just got hit.
Because my lips was bleeding that time. Not much but enough to make me shocked. fiuhhhhh.... T-T
and there was a wound as well near my noise, just red but clear enough to make everyone asking me 'what happen with your face?'
Dammit! I'm so shy. hahaha...
Now, my lips is big, red and swelling...
my head is hurt cos it's bumped as well..
my knee is swelling too.
What a day! And tomorrow is chinese new year's eve! Hosh!

And my mom said to me this evening...
Mom: "That's why.. don't believe in such thing."
Me: *confused... "What do u mean?"
Mom: "Cutting hair. You said if you cut your hair before chinese new year, you will throw your mischance. But, do you see now? You don't throw it, you get it."
Me: ....  *speechless T-T

I know my mom said that because few days ago I asked her whether we need to cut your hair before chinese new year or not to throw the mischance. And she said 'there is not kind of thing'. But I did cut my hair yesterday. I don't really believe it actually, I cut my hair just because I'm going back to Melbourne as well in few weeks. I'm planning to cut my hair though before I go back...
Yeahhh.. so? huhuhu... Am I wrong? I just pray this is the last time I'm hurt. No more... not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, not even after chinese new year. Amin. ^_^
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2 Responses
  1. oneeye Says:

    kasian, cup cup... hehhehe. well, if you don't think about any misfortune and all that, then it won't happen again. ada rencana uang angpao-nya mau dibuat apa? tabung atau beli sepatu lagi, hahahha.

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    huahahaha... tabung lah, ditukerin AUD. hohoho...