First of all...
I want to say happy chinese new year to people who celebrate it. Gong xi gong xi... ^^
and happy valentine too to all couples and singles who are going to celebrate it tomorrow. hohoho... :)
and... last but not least, happy weekend as well... ;p

It's so crowded in my city.
I just come back from celebrating chinese new year's eve with my big family.
Not really big actually... now...
coz some of my families and cousins are not here.
Having their own family already.. :(

Now, so many people outside. Seems like everyone in my city is going out.
Moreover, there is a Javanese culture celebration in my city now called Sekaten.
It's like kind of culture related to 'kraton' (kraton is like kingdom in English).
So... you can guess!! The roads are crowded, many vehicles, many celebrations, many parties, many people. hahahha...

WOW!! Hope that this year will be special because of these events are celebrated together in the same time. Hope that people with different culture and background can appreciate & respect each other more and more ^_^
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  1. oneeye Says:

    happy chinese new year to you too. hope the year of the tiger brings you good health and lots of prosperity to you and your family. kalo angpao ditukerin dollar mana cukup buat beli sepatu baru, hehehhe. jawanya dimana? semarang? yogya?