For you who live in Melbourne, maybe you won't surprised with this city unusual weather. LOL!
Just like today, the weather channel said today will be a sunny day with min 19 degrees and max is 27 degrees Celsius. And it is so hot in morning until afternoon. When I went out for lunch with friends, it's so sunny and hot. Many people use short, tank top, sandals, thongs, etc. Just like summer outfits.

Then I got home around 2.30, my room was so hot. So I decided to open my window. But, at 3.10 it became cloudy and a little bit windy. So I guessed, rain will come soon. Not until 10 minutes after that, Melbourne was raining so hard accompanied by wind and hail. ckckckckckck... I was shocked because the sound so scary. Looked like thunderstorm was hitting Melbourne. 
From sunny hot day to windy rainy cold day plus hail !! What a perfect city! ;p

Hmmm... and I'm thinking about the Moomba Fest that is showing now, it will be no one there. And sorry for people who were there when the hail came, it must be hurt :(
Even it is still raining a bit until now. huhuhu... Make me don't want to go out from my room. But, I have to go to city soon. Huh... Hope there will be no more rain or hail when I am outside tonight.
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