I went to Prambanan Temple few days ago, Saturday to be exact. I went with two of my friends, Ono and Fani. Actually, that was the first time I went to Prambanan even I live in Solo which is pretty close to it but I never go there before. It's not because I don't want to, well.. actually yeah, there is a little bit of laziness to go there but the most reason is I'm not really interested to these things, temples, arts, histories, cultures. So not like me! hoho... Anyway, finally I went there for the first and the last time... if I'm not forced, I won't go back there again. hahaha... Sorry for being a bad citizen.

Okay, after I watched the temple with my own eyes, I can say that the temple is actually pretty good. It's amazing if you think that people lived long time ago where there was no technology and machine, built such a strong temple and it lasts until now. Imagine that they built it using their own hands, limited materials and limited time. I said limited time because of the history said so. You have to read the story behind it to fully understand the meaning of this temple. Anyway, it's worth to watch in fact there are more temples such as Sweu and Bromo temples. hehehe... The only problem was the weather was so hot that time. But, it's actually because it was located in Indo and Indo has tropic weather so it's usual to experience hot weather. However, hot is better than raining. hahaha.. I couldn't imagine if it was raining on that day. We won't get any good pictures and good mood :)

Moreover, I'm impressed because there were many other tourists inside, locally and internationally. Even I'm not a good citizen, I still feel proud if my country's tourism can attract tourists from many other countries. hehehe... So, thanks to my friend, Ono and Fani, because if he didn't come to Solo, I don't think I will ever go there. Also, thanks to Fani to accompany me too. hehehe... Ohh, almost forge, I have some pictures of our trip.. ;p

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