I am at home, alone. Yeayyy! I know you guys are confused why I like to be alone at home. I don't know the answer too. But, somehow, sometimes, I feel want to be alone at some periods of time. When you are alone, either at home or room or whatever, as long as you love the place, you will free happy. Like me, now... I feel so free. I can do whatever I want without feeling ashamed. I know today is Saturday, which means it is weekend and it's miserable to be at home, alone! hahahaha... But, I don't care. I am not a kind of person who get stressed if he/she is alone, who confused and depressed when there is no friend on the weekend. I am enjoying my time by being alone. That's why when I knew that my housemate and her boyfriend were going somewhere tonight, I feel relax. The fact is that they worry, they asked me whether it is ok or not to be at home alone and she asked me if my other friends were coming or not. Thanks. hehehehe.. I believe that sometimes someone will need a time for being alone to enjoy all their time by themselves, don't they?
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