I know this doesn't sound right, not making sense... but I accidentally put Body Shop's body butter in my wet hair.

So the story was started when I washed my hair and left it dry by itself. I sat on my desk, watched youtube while put my head leaning on one of my hands (which I used to apply body butter before).
The next thing I realised, when I tried to dry it out completely by using hair dryer, my hair, the part that touched my hand was sticky and greasy. Super yuckkkk! It's just like when you don't wash your hair for a week. 

I was wondering what happened that time then I realised of that body butter thingy.
Well, I never experience this before so I have no idea if the body butter will stuck in wet hair.
And guess what? I can't get rid of it even though I shower and washed it so many times after.

Trust me, it's super annoying. Like people said 'Hair is a woman's crowning glory', it is true indeed. When my hair looks so bad and sticky, I am ashamed. I feel like I don't want to go out.
So, I decided to Google it and find anything that can help me. Not much post about it tho, but there are few. Thanks God for people who did the same mistake ;p
Anyway, there was one said to put olive oil in it then wash it as usual.
Another one said to sprinkle your hair with corn flour, leave it for a while and wash it per normal.

I tried olive oil twice, it helps a bit, but it's back the next hour. Weird!
After 1 or 2 days without success, I tried corn flour.... and Tadaaaaaaa!!! It works!!! Magic!!!!
I am so so happy getting my normal hair back. Fiuhhh... Now, I can go out meeting people confidently :))

So, in case you make the same mistake as me, try corn flour. hehehe...
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