I read a blog from Trissalicious about macaron and driving license and this sounds exactly like me at the moment.

I am going to have my driving license test tomorrow morning and I am nervous as hell.
Not that I can't drive properly but because I've been driving too long... but in my home country not here in Australia.
Why that makes a problem? Because in my country, road laws are made to be broken (well, except the traffic light). So, in fact I've been driving more than 10 years there and with no proper lesson from the certified instructor (my instructor is my mom) who follows all the road rules, I have made all this behaviour planted to my body and to my brain. 
When I drive, I drive safely but in my own way. That means I discard all the steps in how to be a good driver, especially when you drive in Western countries but I still do all the basic and necessary steps in driving tho (I'm not that bad).

I had my driving lesson just to make myself sure what I need to do on the day and it just made me more nervous.
Head check, mirror, sign, break, road sign, merge, tram, bicycle. Oh man!
I know all of that things but do I need to literally move my head to check just on the mirror? Cry!!!!

I am seriously scared facing the test tomorrow, I hope I will pass though so I won't deal with it anymore.

And cos I am stressed out, I am baking macaron today.
I feel if I can make it right, I am gonna pass my test tomorrow. Finger crossed!!!!

Anyway, I did try the Italian method today in making my macaron.
This time is Oreo Cheesecake macaron. Sounds yum, isn't it?
I heard that the Italian method produces the best and stable results. 
Well, it probably is. My macaron has the stable form and feet, not like last time when I use the French method. Sometimes I get beautiful look macaron but sometimes I don't even dare to take a pic of it. hahaha...

So, I will probably stick with this Italian method from now. But, I still can't get that shiny surface on the top. I noticed it should be glossy but mine looks more matte. 
I wonder if this is because of the oreo mixture or I did something wrong. Sigh!

Recipe is adapted from here
In conclusion, I am able to make macaron perfectly today so I do really really hope everything is going to be fine tomorrow and I will get a kind tester.

Wish me luck!
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