This is the best combination ever... to go on my face :*

From left to right:

Make Up Forever HD Primer - I can tell, this is the best primer ever. And I did not realize that primer gives a huge difference on your face until one day I ran out of it and thank you Australia that this brand is not available in any store, I need to order online and wait several days. Anyway, that time I didn't use any primer.. clearly and I just put my foundation straight away. I looked at myself in the mirror and 'why do I look different' 'why is it so bad' 'why is it not smooth as usual' then I realised, the primer. WOW! So, use primer girls!

Next is MAC Longwear SPF 10 Foundation - Well I don't need to do retouch for the whole day by using the primer and this foundation (this is not applied in the hot weather when you're sweating, ok!)

On the top, there is MAC Prep+Primer - This can be used or not. Depends on how you want your make up to be. The lady told me I can use this only after the foundation or you can use compact powder if you more cover on your face. But I found out using this makes my face feels so much lighter.

Next to it, there is Smashbox O-Glow Blush On - Love love love it. It's a gift from my best friend. She knows I want it but I feel it's too expensive to buy another blush on when I still have my own at home so she bought it for me. Less guilty. Yeayy, thank you!

Going down again, you will apply your eye liner first before your lisptick. I use Stilla liquid eyeliner in intense black and of course waterproof (in case I am crying ;p ) - Super duper love it as well.
I used to use Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and it's too messy. You need brush, you need brush cleansing, you need make up removal later on. Too many things to bring esp when you're travelling and it smudges on me. Dohhh! So I prefer this Stilla one. Easy and it stays the whole day, no smudge.

Last but not least, Rimmel lipstick in pink - Somehow the color goes really well on me. In fact, a lot of people ask what lipstick I use when they meet me. Hmmmm.... So I am keeping it for daily use.

That's it. Not so complicated, easy, fast and not too heavy for daily make-up.
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  1. Barbara Says:

    Love, love, love ya blog! :)

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    Hiiii... Thank you for that :)