It's always exciting to talk about holiday and trips, especially if it is your holiday.
I know I have been travelling a lot recently but that's what you should do when you're young, isn't it?
Once you have your own family and particularly when you start having your kids, travelling becomes harder.

I know I need to settle as soon as possible. I need to find a decent job and makes my parents and also myself more calm.
But I can't help myself planning my next trip. Ups!

Well, in mid-October I am going to Bali for my friend's wedding and will b there just for few days. Enough to have fun, it's gonna be a sweet getaway accompanied by best friends and amazing Bali's beach view.

In mid-November, my big family and I will be going to Hong Kong for my cousin's wedding. 
Damn! Everyone is getting married but thanks to them so I have more reason to travel.

And.... in June next year (I know this one is too long to be told now), but anyway... my boyfriend, his friends and I are going to Cebu Philippines. I know we should go to Boracay or Palawan (the popular place) or at least Manila.
But we got $2 ticket for return to Cebu, so why not? As long as it's overseas, we can still explore something new. Correct?
I can always enjoy Philippines' food if there is nothing else to see in Cebu.
I tried their food once in Cairns and OH MY GOD, I love love love it!
It makes me wanting to try more but they don't have it here in Melbourne and I doubt it as well in Indo.
My cousin and my Filo friends also told me that when you're in Philippines, everything everywhere is pork.

Oh man! I am drooling already! Can't wait til next year.
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