I've been practising macarons recently as I had a lot lot lot of leftover egg white from nastar.
I've been trying to make lemon, coffee and green tea macarons. 
And I am struggling with the lemon one. I made twice and both failed.
I tried using my powder and liquid food colouring and both of them still does not work right.
Now, I am really confused what kind of colouring I should use in macaron. 
In fact, if I buy the colour in-store here in Melbourne, it's damn expensive.

I assume once I get it right (using food colouring), the rest is easy.

Anyway, pictures are here.
The green tea one I use recipe from here but only use 1/3 of the recipe. Also, I found out that this one is really sweet. I should prob find the exact recipe that is not too sweet.

The coffee one, I used my old recipe, I forget from where but I love this recipe cos it's not too sweet.
Also, you can clearly see the difference. This time is much much better than the previous trial. Practice makes perfect.

And if you notice, this time, the macaron has few brown dots on the top (that's the coffee powder). It comes naturally, not sure how, even I did grind my almond meal, icing sugar together with the coffee powder twice and sift it twice. It's kinda cool tho, I love it!

Until next post then!
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