Time for weekend again, time for relaxing and running away from job's workload.
Yesterday, I went for cycling with friends. Lucky, it was a really nice and sunny day yesterday.
And honestly, that was the first time I went for cycling in Melbourne and after about 10 years since the last time I rode a bicycle. Jeezz... it has been a long time!

I went with 4 other friends. One of them has his own bicycle, so me and others ended up hiring Melbourne's bicycles. Yes, Melbourne provides bicycles to be hired around city.
We usually call it blue bicycle because they have blue as dominant color and fairly they are not cool at all.
We were also forced to wear helmet as one of the rules so we bought a helmet in 7/11 for 5 bucks.

And here is the route: City - Dockland - Southbank - Domain - Southbank then we walked from Southbank to my house which is back to Domain. LOL!

It was so much fun and tiring but it was all worth.

We separated after that as we all had our own appointment for dinner.
One of them went to Japanese restaurant near Richmond.
One of them went to J Cafe to have sushi burger.
Me and the rest went to TGI in South Yarra as we craved for ribs and steak already. hahahaha...
I think there was no point with the cycling thing as we gained so much calories for dinner ;p
Wait, we still had Max Brenner for dessert.

Believe me, I felt guilty after eating all of those food.
And today, my whole body ache yet I am happy.
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