I finished my first exam this morning and honestly I didn't know how it is. I want to say that I cannot do it but I still hope that my guessing answers were correct and will give me more mark so I can say I can pass it. See??!! I  even only hope for PASS! It was really really damn hard. It made harder for me because I don't like networking and security stuff... at all, plus I didn't get enough study. OK! This one is my fault and I regret it and everyone know that regret always comes too late. T-T

Huaaaa... I really want to cry since the time I came out from the exam's venue. Even many friends of mine said that I looked really messy when I met them right after I finished my exam. Huks... This was the first time since I've been in univ (not college) that I really can't do my exam and even so afraid of it.

What can I do now? Just pray and hope that I will at least get marks for passing it. God, please please please.... This is my last semester and I don't want to fail because of this subject. I promise I will study for the next 3 subjects harder and more serious so I will get the good mark for those subjects. Arghhhhh!!! Luckily, I went to apartments' inspection after exam so I forgot about it for a while. It seems I will be so scared when the results come out next month. Please, I will be very grateful even it will be just Pass... *crossmyfingers
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