I went to France Cafe just now.... in the middle of exam period, but hello.. it's Saturday night! Who wants to be at home, studying? hoho... Anyway, I cover my material for next exam quite well so I hope it will be OK. Well, we went to Le Petit cafe after our dinner in Carnegie to have some desserts. We choose this cafe because one of my friends said the crepe there is delicious so we just give a try.

*picture taken from here

We ordered 4 types of crepe:
  • Profiterolles: vanilla ice cream, melted chocolate, sliced almonds & whipped cream
  • Exotique: banana, coconut ice cream (I change the flavor to rum&raisin), melted chocolate, coconut flakes
  • Banana Chocolate and Rum
  • Williams: sliced pear, melted chocolate flamed with pear eau de vie
Banana chocolate and rum and williams are flaming crepes. So it basically serve with rum but then the rum will be burned right at top of the crepes. Here is the pics of banana chocolate and rum:

Williams is similar with the one above but has pear inside instead of banana. Unfortunately, I didn't take any other pictures. I can say that I forgot to take my crepe (Exotique) and Profiterolles' pictures because I was amazed by those flaming crepes. hahahaha...

Overall, the place is nice especially at night. It has a romantic environment plus accompanied by French songs :) There are many kinds of crepes that you can have, both salty or sweet crepes. You can enjoy the place more especially when they are making the crepes because the smell is so strong and delicious. The taste? hmmm.... Mine is quite good, but my friends who had banana chocolate & rum said that the rum was little bit too much so the crepe itself tastes too bitter. Maybe if you don't like drinking alcohol so you better not ordering the flaming crepes. To sum up, the place is worth a try but maybe not really often to be visited. Ah, almost forgot... the toilet is cool. It uses French newspaper as the wallpaper. Moreover, people usually come later at night and many French there. It is nice to hear people speak French as their language is impressive.
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