I accidentally open Google and curious about the background changes. I know Google always change the design of the 'Google' word but this time is not only the word but also the background. I explored it and turned out out that Google enable us to change the background with our own picture or with their picture. And I found that it was so cool! hahahaha.... Here are some of the pictures that I like :

You can upload your pictures as well but it has to be 800 x 600 pixels. I actually want to upload many pictures but it is not compatible so here are some that can be uploaded :

The coolest thing is after you set up your own background for your home page, even you close Google and then open it again, it will still remain the same. Woohooo... I don't know why I am so excited about this. I guess I am stressed already because of exam so this is kind of refreshing for me. hahaha... Anw, I chose the pig background for my home page because it is so colorful and cute. However, I am not sure whether it will last until tomorrow or forever or not. Let see! It is so cool, isn't it? I love Google. hehehe... :)

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  1. ivan89 Says:

    I've tried it cia, it's great! XD