Today's topic is brunch. hohoho...
I went to have brunch with my best friends this morning in 35 Market St, South Melbourne. The place name is Dead Man Espresso. We got the information from a booklet about popular cafe and coffee in Melbourne. Nice, huh? ;p We arrived there about 11.30 but we got in like 11.40, do you know why? Because finding a space for parking in CBD especially in weekend was really hard. Everywhere was full, and it's not even in CBD. It's South Melbourne. Anyway, we finally found one and went to the cafe.

The place is quite impressive. It has two parts, inside and outside. Of course we chose inside as today was so cold. Actually, everyday is so cold now. I think this winter is colder than last year. I don't even remember how cold the last year's winter because I felt it's not cold at all that time. hahaha... Now, I sound so chesty. Back! The outside design is minimalist yet simple. The inside one is more traditional and made of wood. But, somehow it gives a different feeling. Besides, the decoration is quite cool. One of the example is the lamp is unique.

Pardon me for a bad picture, I know I don't have any skill in photography.

So, the design gives me a good impression at first. Second thing that I love is the service. They serve us so well. You know because some restaurants or cafes have a bad service. Either the waiters/waitresses are not polite or fierce; or sometimes they just treat us badly if we don't order much or stay there to chat even we finish our food. But here, I can say there is no such thing like that. They get the point, the politeness, the serving way and the quality. I said that as well because we experienced it. So, we all finished our food and we just sat there for a moment, chatted. We all drank water after we finished our coffee since in the beginning and we kept asking them more water. The best part is even after we finished and just chatted and talked so loud, we kept asking for water and they didn't have problem with it. They gave the water straight away with good manner and smile. Then, I realized that some people were waiting for tables so I asked my friend to leave. And that moment was when one of my friends said "Wow, they know many people are waiting, but they don't ask us to leave and they still serve us well." ^_^

Third is the food. For me who like western food, I surely love it.

There is not so many menus available and we we had, there are only three types because some of us had the same menu:
  • "BLT" pork belly & spinach puree on brioche w gazpacho.
  • Panzanella - bread salad w heirloom tomatoes, poached eggs & smoked sausages (mine).
  • Omelet of the day (today was leek and kind of cheese, can't remember the name) with pork belly & gluten free bread.
I tasted all of them and they were great except the green part in my food which I don't know what that is. I guess it is chlorophyll, not sure as well. The poached eggs were yummy, the omelet was incredibly delicious (maybe because it had cheese inside), the sausages were tasty and the breads were fine. Overall, I love the place and I love the food. Argh, almost forgot! The coffee was OK as well. Here here here the pictures....! 

"Omelet with pork belly and breads"
"cafe latte"

We plan to try many places as we can from the booklet. hehehehe... Wait for my next session, guys! :)
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    those look like a lot. anyway, keep studying and don't give up