Well, this is the impact of June's Stocktake Sale in Melbourne :(
I went to city few weeks ago and see this wallet in David Jones. I didn't have any intention to shop at all, I didn't even have mood to shop that time. I purely just accompanied my friends shopping. Then, that time when we went to David Jones and that day was Saturday but all stores closed at 7pm which is bad because it made me saw the wallet and want it. The brand is Oroton. Oroton is an Australian brand and for me it looks like Gucci a little bit. The pattern that makes it like Gucci. The model for the wallet is classic, but the price is half price of the original price. The original price is AUD195 and now it is only AUD100. Arghhhh..... Dilemma mode: ON! *sincetwoweeksago

Should I buy? When will I get 50% disc again? But I promise myself I don't want to buy it to save the money to pay my IELTS test. hix... And despite, it really looks like Gucci, isn't it? Or should I just buy Gucci? hahahaha... but I love the model of this wallet and Gucci doesn't have this model. LOL! I wonder if Gucci has it, who plagiarize who? Damn damn damn. Why women love shopping? I give u the pics of the wallet.

Anyone kind enough to buy it for me? hohoho... *mupeng ;p
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