I finished all of my assignments. Yeeeeaaaaayyyyy!! Finally!
I have done my last presentation for this semester just now. It should be done last week but one of my team member got problem so we arranged the time again. And because of that, my presentation was a private presentation. There was only me and my group mate and the teacher. OMG! Feel so nervous. hahahaha... Luckily, we went through it well... even we got many advices. But, advices are good for ourselves, right? I think I'm just trying to comfort myself. Anyway.... it finished! hohoho...

And here I am in Building K of my campus, don't know what to do.
I am feeling so free now. I even watched three movies in a row in the last few days. My friend said to me, "What happen, huh? U watched movie everyday! Don't u have exam?"
To be honest, I even have IELTS exam this Saturday so I answered my friend "Watching movies is a good real practice for listening, right?." ;p
But, I guess I have to start studying now. But, is it really useful for my listening if I watch movie? Because I'm going to watch series again now. Here! hahaha... I really don't feel like I am having exam soon, next week. Danger! But, I will study for sure. Study hard for my last exam in bachelor and study for IELTS as well. Wish me luck, guys! And pray pray pray....
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