It's almost the end of the month, means I have to move out from my current house soon... next week to be exact. The worst part is I haven't got any apartment. Me and my soon to be housemate did so many inspections for apartment in city but then only few of them can impress us. There are many good apartments in city for sure... with good prices as well --"

I found an apartment with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and fully furnished in city few days ago. And the fact it is so cheap and in a really really good condition. We did email the landlord already and she/he replied us for once. We were hoping and wishing that we can get this apartment but seems it's just mere expectations. So we decided to apply for other apartment. So far this is the strongest candidate :)

Even the apartment looks a little bit too old but I think it's fine for us (of course it is ok rather than being homeless). Anyway, the apartment is called Promenade and it is located on St Kilda Road and the price is quite tolerable for 3 bedrooms apartment. Some reasons I don't like from it are there is no air con in it and the wardrobes are quite small compare to other apartments that we inspected already. huhuhuhu.... I don't know why, but if I am looking for house/apartment, the main things that I will examine first are the room, the wardrobe and the kitchen. Whereas, my friend will see the bathroom first.

Fiuhh... I can say that looking for apartment is really tiring. Now, I don't want to bother about those main problems. The most important thing that we get a place to live starting from next week. Besides, we will live there for 1 year first and who know we will move again next year. Hope that we will get this apartment.
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