Hai hai hai...

I am done with my IELTS test and now I have to prepare for my exam which is on Thursday, 10th of June.
I don't realize it until the day before yesterday... I lay in my bed and thought of some things... There were about IELTS and then exam, and I just realized that my exam is in 4 days, even less! Am I panic? Yes! No! If I am panic, I won't be able to study. But yes I am panic! My first exam is a hard subject. That makes me more nervous. I guess I will be an occupant of the library starting tomorrow. Wish me luck...

Study hard, eat, drink, enough sleep and pray.... then everything will be fine. It should be fine! Amin! And there will be less post for the next few weeks, which in fact I hate it. I love blogging!
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  1. oneeye Says:

    keep studying and try not to get distracted