I am not a big fans of apple. I even only use iPod because of the function and I got it from my best friends as my birthday present. Hahahha... Not even bought it by myself because of the price is not cheap as well. But today, there many of Apple products. Let say, the newest one in the market is iPad which many people are so hysteric about it. In Melbourne, many people queued for a long time in the first day it's launched and it costs from AUD599.
The next product coming up is iPhone 4. Apple had launched many version of iPhone before like iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4 is already available in US and will come to Australia soon next month. It will cost around AUD879, same like the new 3GS last time. Also, because Apple has a new version of iPhone, the old iPhone 3GS' cost will be reduced. I wonder whether many people get annoyed because of this or not because it's not even 2 years since the last one was launched. The funniest part is people in my home country (Indonesia) are still excited with iPhone 3GS while there is the newest one already. hahahaha... Even some of my friends in Indo who are used to study in Melbourne said "Stop talking about 3GS, they have iPhone 4 now!"

Compare to the previous one, the new iPhone 4 is slimmer and smaller. But from functionality aspect, I don't see so many different from it. The main difference is it has front camera which is more comfort for video conference. And of course the camera is better than before.

Next product from Apple is iMac. But I prefer Mac Book rather than iMac because it's laptop, so you can carry it everywhere. Moreover, my friend just bought Mac Book Pro 15'' and it made me want Mac more. Urghh.. The reason I don't buy Mac since long time ago is because I took IT for my univ course and it is hard to get software or application for my assignments purpose if I use Mac. But then, lately I found that many IT students in my univ are using Mac. Hmmm.... I am thinking now. hahaha.... 

In my opinion, iPad is not really useful. Some of my friends said it was cool and you can use it for reading lecture slides. What?! I don't read lecture slides that much and I need to highlight my lecture slides to be able to remember all of those words. Of course I won't highlight my iPad if I have one. So, I think iPad will not work for me. I like iPhone especially all of the applications provided and all the games but I already have Blackberry, what's the point I buy iPhone? I realize that iPhone is more elegant plus the touch screen part, it looks cooler than BB. *sigh So, the last option is MacBook. It is the most reasonable one that I can get. hahaha... The fact that my laptop is 2 and half years old too and it is a little bit broken now. hahahaha....

See? Even I am not a big fans of Apple but looking at their products from time to time makes me want to get at least one of them. But, I always love Apple's MacBook. Ah, almost forgot.. one more thing that I used from Apple. The mouse! ;p The new magic mouse from Apple is really cool and it is not compatible with Windows and it costs AUD99. 

Arghhh.... Ok, enough! Let me think about it first. Don't think I will get any of those soon as it is not urgent too.
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2 Responses
  1. ivan89 Says:

    come cia, buy macbook, hehe~ XD

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    do u want to buy for me meh? hahaha... ;p