Guess where I am now!
Library... *notsolikeme
Honestly, I never stay in library except when exam is coming.
So here I am now... trying to study but in fact I am blogging. hahahahaha....
I blame my exam's timetable which got gap too far between each subject. Even, some people will be so happy if they get a good gap between each subject. But mine? It's not good, it's too far! Usually, I will finish my exam within 1 week or 1 and a half week max. That's why I wonder how I can get this timetable for this time.

My previous exams were 10 and 18 and the next one will be on 29 and then 30. Do you see the gap? Because of that, I don't have any mood to study anymore which is not good for me. I couldn't do my first exam so I don't want to experience the same thing. I know I have to study hard for this time. Ummm... not too hard actually. hahahaha.... Well, I am going to study again after posting some posts. hehehe... Just consider this as refresher ;p

Pardon me for this post. I feel this post doesn't have any useful point. hehehe...
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