I want these ksubi instead of mine. Hahahhaa...
I know I sound so greedy and not thankful.
But, I really love this jeans when I try it on but unfortunately my size is not there.
I found it in the Ksubi Huge Sale few weeks ago. huhuhu...
So, I ended up buying another model and now I little bit regret it.
It's not that nice after I see it again at home,
and it's not comfortable at all. I was thinking to sell it then buy a new one. LOL!
This is the picture of the jeans I want:

Then I found this jeans:

And I don't mind if I can get it because I love the color as well. Beside, I haven't got any jeans with this color. hahahaha... I saw it in online shop and it's cheaper than the one in store. I know it sounds strange because Ksubi can be AUD 300 something and this one is only 68. Hmmm... But, the second jeans is sold out already in that online shop. Now, I am thinking whether I should buy the first one or not. The first one is cheaper than the blue one. *tuing tuing tuing

I guess my shopping desire comes back already. Fiuhhhh....
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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Those jeans look great!
    You don't have to feel bad, it's common that a girl buys something and then regrets it when she comes home. :)

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    hahaha... thanks a lot for convincing me. at least I feel better ;)