Yesterday, I had a really nice and meaningful talk with one of my best friends. I was suddenly in a bad mood last night because I got some facts that really hurt me. Besides, a lot of things happen lately both happy and sad things. So, I did need someone to share last night and thanks for being there, dear  :)

We chatted, we talked, we argued and we laughed last night on the phone. I think it was 2 hours call. hahahaha... Don't be shock. Women do love talking and gossiping. But, eits... we don't talk gossip yesterday. OK, maybe only a little bit. The rest was just about us. So, the reasons I need someone to share yesterday are....because... Lately, I am having really complicated feeling with my heart. I got meaningful words from my best boy friend (not boyfriend) that makes me happy. But, I got hurting facts as well from someone in the past. Maybe this is the one who made me so weird few days ago, plus that I got flu, so of course I have no appetite, no mood and just want to sleep. LOL. But, after shared everything... not really everything actually because I shared some before, I am getting better now. I get my mood back and I am thankful for it because I have to get its mood to do my assignments.

From our conversation yesterday, I got a phrase from her that is resounding into my head until now. I love that sentence so much. When she said it last night, I wish that 'someone who we talked about' really mean it that way. By the way, the phrase is "You are my priority, but not my intention". Hmmmm.... maybe if you don't know my story or my case, you won't understand how come those words can make me touched. *wink... So if you want to know, just contact me to get the story. I am just kidding! ;p
After she said it, she reserved it so it becomes "You are my intention, but not my priority". What do you think? If you were 'you' in those phrase, do you want to be in the first one or the second one? hahaha... As you know, I am happy enough to be you in the first phrase and that's why it sticks in my head.

Now, I am OK already. And you know what? After I have no appetite few days in a row, I lost 1kg already. But today, I ate buffet... at night! Aaaaaaaaa!!! Feeling guilty now. Fiuhh.... --" Anw, gotta back to assignment! *smooch smooch....
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