I need a break so this post is my break.

I am currently doing my assignment now. I mean really really doing it, not just bullshit.
It's due tomorrow at midnight but I still have some other assignments as well, so it's kinda forced my brain to work fast. The worst part is my brain is not that effective right now. Plus, this assignment is so so so hard! It's about web services. If you don't know about web service, just forget it! Don't even try to understand it. I am really sick of it already. Maybe it's not that hard for some people, but yeah it's very hard of me. I never learn about it and now I am insisted to make an application for consuming and displaying web service from Youtube, Yahoo and Flickr. Lucky, we have Google. I don't know what happen to me if there is no Google in this world. So, I ended up searching about how to consume web services and I found some really useful sources. Thanks God! At least I can do something so I can submit something as well. hahahaha.... I guess I really need to study hard for this subject because I really don't want to fail it and postpone my graduation. *knock knock knock

Today is surely a hard and tiring day.
I think these emoticons really show what I am feeling now and today.

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