I went to my friends' graduation yesterday. They are Pat, Andrea, Yushi and Jonathan. Quite a lot, huh? Pat and Andrea are my friends for several semester, so I really close with them. Every time I go to someone's graduation, I feel sad. I mean I feel happy for them as well, but sad for me. hahaha... I want to graduate as well. I know I will have my own soon (Amin), but still.... And yesterday is the saddest one because Pat, Andrea and Yushi are usually together with me in class. I even got almost all class with Pat and Andrea before. That is why I feel I want to graduate with them too. It will feel more meaningful if you can graduate together with your closest friends, won't it? Even I know since the beginning that I will not graduate together with them because they went to univ one semester before I went to univ. But, somehow... I still feel joyless. 

During this semester, I often wish that they can be with me in class like we used to be. I miss how we were in class, joked around, sharing and talked bullshit, did assignment together until we had to sleep over in someone's house but ended up playing wii, had lunch together and skipped class together. Arghhhhhhh! I think I am being so pathetic now. Maybe, I also feel sadder because I don't know when I can meet then again together. Pat is not from my country and he will go back for good to his country. So this is the last time I will see him. Moreover, Andrea also struggles with his own business, starting from TR until looking for job. So, yeah... I feel like I am going to lose my best-friends. Now, I know why I love my univ-life so much... because I have and surrounded by such of good friends, even they are really annoying and disturbing sometimes ;p
But, believe me, you will miss that annoying part when you pass it already. I wish they will take Master again with me here.... :(

Anyway, congratulations for all of you, especially for Pat and Andrea. I mean it from the deepest of my heart. hahahaha... (lebay mode: ON). Wish all of you the best in the future :)
Hope we can meet each other again later... When we are adult already... when we are success already or even when we have our own family already ^^

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  1. oneeye Says:

    i remember when i was in uni, i missed my high school's life. and when i finished uni, i miss my uni's life. and so on and on