One thing that I don't like by living in Melbourne... there are so many delicious food here. Arghhh!!
It makes me so desperate. In one side, I love food so I really want to try every food here. But, on the other hand, I am not a type of skinny girl that won't gain any weight if eating too much. I have to control my appetite and my food portion in order to keep my weight normal. *sigh.. I wish I can eat as much as I want without getting fat. Yes, I am so jealous with them who can eat a lot and still get a nice body T-T

I already lost some of my weights when I went back to Indo last time, and I realized as well that the shape of my face was sharp already. Even, many friends of mine said that also. But do you know what? After I got back here in Melbourne, the first two weeks is OK. But, now, after 3months, I don't know why but the shape of my face is changed already. It is not as sharp as before. Hiks... I tried to exercise and keep my portion low, but who can resist such a good food? I show you some yummy food in Melbourne ^^

Western  food:

original recipe chicken from KFC
wicked wing from KFC
*photos taken from
Jack Daniel's Ribs from TGI Friday's
*photo taken from
Jack Daniel's Sampler from TGI Friday's
Potato Skins from TGI Friday's

Japanese Food:

Kenzan Sushi (tempura onigiri, soft shell crab roll, and I forgot the other name ;p)
Tori Karaage from Kanpai
Teppanyaki Meat from Kanpai
*photos taken from

Thai Food:

Crispy Skin Pork Salad from Ying Thai
Pad Thai (u can find it in any Thai Restaurant, but I like the one in Thai Safron, Caulfield the most)

Korean Food:

Bulgogi (Korean food)
Yuk Gae Jang
Don't look at the bad appearance, it tastes so good, believe me! hehe... it's basically a beef soup with vegetables and mushroom inside ^^

Chinese Food:

Egg Chiffon from A1
*photo taken from
Dim Sum (usually I have it in Gold Leaf, and I think it's so good)

Dessert Time:
Egg Tart and Portuguese Tart from Puffy
Puffy (chocolate, custard, mango)
*photos taken from
Chocolate and Milk Tea with Pearl
The Happy Cup one is the best for milk tea :)
Bubble tea here is better than in Indo, I can't find any in Indo that has the same even similar taste like here.

Chocolate Souffle from Max Brenner
Belgian Waffle from Max Brenner

I ate ice cream from Il Dolce Freddo (roche flavor is the most popular one)

Now, see? What I said! I will never be able to get think if I see these kind of food here everyday. hahahaha... In addition, all of my friends like to eat and try every restaurant in Melbourne. Too bad for me! I really love food and dessert. hahaha... There are still many more yummy food in Melbourne. If you come to Melbourne, don't forget to try them >.<
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  1. oneeye Says:

    geez, all that pictures make me hungry now. and i'm sure when you look at those pictures, you'll be hungry too