This time will be about photography. I looked at this photographer team a while ago, about last year and I fell in love at the first sight. The company name is Axioo. Their pictures are really nice, they can set nice, cute, funny and exciting scenes. The editing thing is great as well. By the way, the theme of the pictures are about pre-wedding and wedding photos. Every time I looked at their photos, I want to get married straight away so I can get photos like that as well. hahahaha.... So naive ya? You will never know what is behind a marriage. Here are some of the photos that I like... ^^

They are all nice and cute, huh? Love the photos, love the location, love the ideas <3. I wonder how they never run out of ideas. Argghhh... Hope I can use their services when I get married later >.< And... every time I look at these kind of pictures, I want to buy SLR and learn photography. I saw some of my friend's SLR, it's so cool but I realize I am not good in photography. Even it can be learnt, it will be better if we have a talent as well. So I guess I just ask someone to take pictures of me. huahahaha... Betapa narsisnya aku! ;p

You can looked at more photos here.
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