I am currently doing my assignments, but I can't help to write this post. Life is surely challenging me now. With a lot of things to do, many problems are waiting for me. I have to finish my assignments by this week and just for information there are 4 assignments to go and 1 presentation. Even I already finished some of them, the rest are killing me. Luckily, one of my assignment that due on this Friday get an extension. The teacher is being so kind to give all students extension until Monday 10am. hohohoho.... At least I get more time to do my another assignment. This one is so bloody difficult. I wish I don't need to take this subject.

Besides of those assignments business, I have IELTS exam coming up on 5th of June. Urghhhh.... Yeah, I don't pass my last exam. I got only 6,5 for the writing. After IELTS, I will have my last final exam in my bachelor degree. Hopefully this will really be my last exam.... Amin! I really want to graduate as soon as possible. But, I am confused as well what I should do after that. hahaha... By the way, the regulation for applying PR is changed again. It just came out few days ago and will be effective from July 2010. I wish the regulation will give advantage for me so I can apply PR easily. If that so, I will cancel my Master. But, the fact... the government doesn't know my problems and my concerns so of course they don't make it simple and easy for me. The rules become more more more harder for IT students. So, now... I really really don't have any idea how I can get PR here. I will surely get an agent to help me to apply for it after I finish my exam.

The last one is apartment problem. This is driving me crazy as well. I am planning to move to the apartment in city with one of my friends. We planned to take 3 bedrooms apartment because it's cheaper and her sister is coming here as well soon. But, because of that we have to find the third person first for now to live with us until her sister comes next year. Can you imagine how hard it is to find a stranger house mate? I never imagine it before so when I live with it, I am nuts. It is so damn hard!!! I haven't got anyone until now. So please, whoever know someone who wants to move to city for 1 year only... contact me, ASAP !! ^_^ Ah, female only please.. Sometimes I wish that male tenant is accepted because I got some guys who want to move already.
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